Water Rights

We research, value, transfer, manage, and develop water rights.

Water rights files at the NM Office of the Engineer

Water rights are a complex subject where regulations and accounting procedures vary from state to state. Many water rights have a complex history that requires an excellent working knowledge of regulations and water rights records to determine the validity and transferability of a right. GGI staff are experienced in all water right processes, and can assist in developing an initial strategy that best suit a client’s needs: from verification of the water right, filing the appropriate application(s), to providing technical and expert witness services if the application results in an Office of the State Engineer hearing or litigation.

Water rights permits are public records created and maintained in New Mexico by the Water Rights Division of the Office of the State Engineer (OSE).  These records include documents (forms, maps, correspondence, records of field checks, meter readings, technical analyses, etc.) pertaining to declarations, existing permits, and changes of ownership.  Some documents (such as legal staff review) related to enforcement action or application review are not publicly available.  The publicly available records can be found in district offices located throughout the state.  Records for some basins are available online through the agency’s database.