Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

We stand by our work. We stand by you.

GGI has qualified experts in geology, hydrology, agronomy, water rights, ecology and environmental science to provide expert litigation support and testimony covering a range of topics, encompassing water quality, contaminant tracing, discharge permits, water supply, water rights (including those involving nutrient management), and spills/discharges.

GGI staff specializes in evaluating the problem, the costs involved, the related regulations and can act as a professional liaison between regulatory agencies and clients.  We have worked with renowned attorneys on a wide variety of due diligence and environmental litigation projects as technical experts, assisting in developing a cohesive and sensible approach to complex environmental cases.

Our litigation and testimony experience includes:

  • New appropriation
  • Senior water rights impacts
  • Endangered species flow requirements
  • Compliance with permit conditions requiring offset
  • Exchange for development rights from a municipality or utility
  • Payback for over diversion
  • Municipal/Tribal/Domestic
  • Limited duration project (e.g. construction)
  • Avoiding cutoff under priority administration
  • Investment
  • Historical nutrient loading in surface water bodies
  • Contamination tracing/source location
  • Compost operations