Spring Inventory & Characterization

Preserving and managing our natural resources.

Spring inventory and characterization involves understanding the hydrogeologic setting of springs.  Controls on spring recharge and discharge are critical to managing and preserving these valuable natural resources.  To characterize springs on both regional and local scales, GGI has developed a protocol for spring characterization that can be applied to springs in a variety of hydrogeologic settings.

  • Spring Characterization
  • Discharge measurements and Long-term Monitoring
  • Geologic and Geomorphic Mapping
  • Water quality analysis and Geochemistry/Isotope evaluation


Depending on specific project goals, a typical spring investigation may include:

  • Mapping to determine the geologic and geomorphic setting of the spring and structural controls on spring discharge
  • Identification of the source aquifer
  • Identification of human modifications to the natural spring orifice
  • Field screening of water quality parameters (temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, and turbidity)
  • Collection of samples for laboratory analysis of water quality and isotope chemistry
  • Measurement of spring discharge
  • Installation of permanent flow measuring devices
  • Classification of the spring type based on the data collected in the field


Selected Projects: