Hydrology & Water Resources

We design, complete, and test wells. We model groundwater basins.
We plan for a sustainable water resource.


GGI offers groundwater development, groundwater availability studies and hydrology services, ranging from regional scale studies of aquifer production potential and water quality to more local water availability assessments. With over 30 years experience developing groundwater resources throughout New Mexico and the southwest, GGI draws on extensive first-hand knowledge to meet your water resource development needs.




GGI offers local and regional water resource planning, from 40-Year Supply and Development Plans to Conservation Plans.

Selected Projects:

  • Moapa Valley Water District 2014 Integrated Water Resources Plan (NV)
  • Nye County’s Water Supply Appraisal Investigation Report (NV)
  • El Dorado’s Water Conservation and Water Resources Plan (NM)
  • Village of Wagon Mound Preliminary Engineering Report for Water Resources (NM)
  • Town of Red River Water Conservation Plan and Water Asset Management Plan (NM)
  • Town of Hagerman Water Conservation Plan (NM)


GGI has conducted regional and sub-regional studies to determine water resource availability, regional water level variations through time, horizontal and vertical variations in water quality and aquifer productivity, and recharge rates throughout New Mexico and the southwest. These studies have included:

  • Regional subsurface stratigraphic correlations for basin analysis (publication)
  • Isotopic studies to constrain sources, timing and rate of recharge (publication)
  • Geochemical ‘fingerprinting’ of aquifers using major element and isotope geochemistry
  • Stream gaging to identify ‘losing’ stream reaches that recharge the aquifer and ‘gaining’ stream reaches that are aquifer discharge points
  • Well and spring inventories for tribal governments
  • Evaluation of effects of groundwater development on hydrologically sensitive springs, streams, and other water sources