Water Asset Management Plan

The Advantages of Being Proactive in Planning

A Water Asset Management Plan (WAMP) is required for a New Mexico municipality to be eligible for certain funding opportunities. While a WAMP may appear to be an additional regulatory hoop to jump through in the funding cycles, it is an incredibly valuable tool.  A WAMP improves your Utility’s ability to manage resources and promotes confidence in resource allocation decisions and asset management for the Utility.

Glorieta Geoscience, Inc. (GGI) develops WAMP’s to be living documents. To be useful, a living document must provide detailed information regarding the current state of the water system and to provide the operator the ability to update and prioritize future asset management and acquisition.

GGI provides interactive, adaptive maps of the water system in a familiar, user friendly platform. GGI produces databases, incorporating photos and scaled to the size of any municipal, to track and manage the replacement of a systems most valuable assets.  Development and implementation of a WAMP reduces risk and cost associated with management practices while delivering the service levels customers expect and regulators require.

Contact April Jean Tafoya at apriljean@glorietageo.com or 505-983-5446 x112 for more information regarding preparation of Water Asset Management Plans.


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