GGI Dairy Client Awarded EQIP Contract

In recent years several of GGI’s dairy clients have applied for and been awarded Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) funding through the USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) program with GGI’s assistance.  EQIP contracts are awarded to fund a wide range of projects and improvements to dairies and farms.  The goal of EQIP is provide financial assistance to agricultural producers looking to improve management practices in an effort to preserve our natural resources.  Funds can be used to reduce soil erosion, protect ground and surface water, create wildlife habitat and many protect other area-specific resource concerns.  One recent success story includes a contract for over $120,000 to improve dairy green water lagoon management and solids removal to ensure ground water quality protection.

For many producers the paperwork involved with the application process can be time consuming.  The Technical Service Providers (TSPs) on staff at GGI can help you navigate through the process and prepare a successful application.  The NRCS EQIP program is a great opportunity for producers that are looking to make improvements to green water and manure handling systems and upgrading to energy efficient barn machinery.

For more information about EQIP funding and how you can apply contact Tara Vander Dussen at or Dane Goble at  Check out the NRCS website for additional information!

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