Paul Drakos, P.G.

PG Vice President and Senior Geologistpaul

Areas of Expertise

  • Hydrology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Geologic and geomorphic mapping, soil stratigraphic studies, process geomorphology
  • Coordination and supervision of numerous drilling, design, development, completion and testing and rehabilitation of public-supply wells including multiple-well and multiple-aquifer pumping test design and interpretation
  • Public Water Supply Development
  • Water Resources Planning and Administration
  • Water Rights Administration
  • Project leader for multidisciplinary scientific teams at Los Alamos National Laboratory: geomorphic mapping, physical characterization of sediments, radiological field measurements, and hazard risk assessment
  • Tribal water resources and water rights adjudication
  • Site investigations and remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater (environmental geology)
  • Geoarchaeological investigations (geology and geomorphology) Measurement of surface water flows, determination of seepage rates from surface water into ground water, and surface water modeling (surface water hydrology).


Professional Development and Education

  • Wyoming Professional Geologist #PG-3422, Arizona PG #61357, Texas PG#10412, Washington PG #3044
  • Dendrochronology workshop, U. of Arizona Lab of Tree Ring Research
  • Environmental Isotopes in Ground Water Resources and Contaminant Hydrogeology
  • Fractured Rocks: Characterization, Flow, and Transport
  • Introduction to Ground Water Geochemistry and Applications of Ground Water Geochemistry
  • MODFLOW (U.S.G.S. Modular flow model) course
  • Floodplain Hydrology and Watershed Modeling Seminar
  • OSHA 40 – Hour Hazardous Waste Training (40 CFR 1910.120)
  • OSHA 8 – Hour Management/Supervisor Training
  • Completion of all training pertinent to LANL training matrix
  • S. Geology, University of Oregon, 1982
  • S. Geology, University of New Mexico, 1989



  • New Mexico STATEMAP Committee
  • National Groundwater Association
  • New Mexico Geological Society
  • New Mexico Groundwater Association




Expert Witness Testimony

DateCaseClientJurisdictionArea of Expertise

1991 White vs. NM State Highway and Transportation Dept. NM Robert White District Court Geology, Geomorphology
1992 State of NM ex rel State Engineer v. Aamodt Rio Tesuque, Rio Pojoaque, Rio Nambe Acequias US District Court, NM District Geology, Geohydrology, Hydrology
1996-2001 Fence Lake Coal Mine Application Hearing Zuni Tribe NM Energy and Minerals Dept Geology, Geohydrology, Hydrology
2001 Townsend et al. v. Twin Mtn Construction Co. and NM Highway & Transportation Dept. Wayne Townsend NM District Court Geology, Geohydrology
2001-2002 Cowan vs. Barton et al. (Rio de los Brazos property boundary dispute) Steve Polaco NM District Court Geomorphology, Fluvial Hydrology
2005 City of Ruidoso Downs v. Village of Ruidoso City of Ruidoso Downs NM State Engineer Geohydrology
2015 Zuni Pueblo and Western Refining v. City of Gallup Zuni Pueblo and Western Refining NM State Engineer Geology, Hydrology