Water Availability for Development & Subdivision Projects

Water resources for a sustainable future.

Development and subdivision projects often require water availability and geohydrology studies to satisfy County and State Engineer requirements.  These investigations include well siting, well design, drilling oversight, water quality and production testing, and compilation of data into reports to meet County and State subdivision water availability requirements.  GGI is familiar with both County and State water availability requirements, and has a long history assisting clients with conducting water availability investigations, including:

  • Identifying and obtaining data from off-site wells
  • Geologic mapping to demonstrate the extent of aquifer(s) underlying a property
  • Preparing geohydrologic reports required by County review boards
  • Preparing ‘reconnaissance’ geohydrologic reports required by County review boards
  • Groundwater modeling to demonstrate effects of on-site and off-site pumping
  • Analysis of long-term viability of the proposed water source
  • Meeting with County and State agencies to identify and resolve potential hurdles in the development review process
  • Assistance with water-rights acquisitions and transfers that may be required for the development
  • Water Rights Evaluation
  • Well Siting and Inspection
  • Pumping Tests (Aquifer Characterization)
  • Water Conservation Plans
  • Subdivision Water Budget
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Phase I Environmental Assessments

Selected Projects: