Pumping Test Design, Performance & Data Analysis

High quality design, performance and analysis. Every time.

After a well has been sited, and design and construction are complete, GGI will design a pumping test program for the completed well that will:

  • Determine well efficiency and specific capacity
  • Determine the long-term, sustainable well yield
  • Identify aquifer boundaries (recharge or impermeable boundaries) that may influence sustainable yield
  • Determine optimal pump setting
  • Meet the operation requirements of applicable local and state regulations

A thorough hydrogeologic assessment and pumping test will determine if:

  • Sufficient water is available to support full development/expansion of operations on the property
  • The property has legitimate surface/groundwater water rights (were the water rights transferred/sold off property?)
  • The wells, dams, ditches, or any other water delivery system on the property is capable of pumping/delivering the “wet water” that is available in the “paper water,” or water rights
  • The water quality is suitable for the needs of the operation