Groundwater Contamination

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GGI evaluates contaminant transport models, conducts hydrogeologic characterization in structurally complex aquifer systems and successfully develops, validates and calibrates multilayer groundwater models on a regional scale.  GGI has collaborated with the US Geological Survey and the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer on model development.

Select Project:

Groundwater Modeling and Hydrogeologic Characterization for Evaluation of Structural Controls on Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport from Yucca Mountain Project and Nevada Test Site for Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository Office (NWRPO)

GGI conducted independent investigations of geologic, hydrologic, hydrogeologic, isotopic and geochemical properties of the area between the proposed high level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain and the potential receptor population in Amargosa Valley. The characterizations allowed Nye County to obtain independent data to assist in evaluation of contaminant transport from the Nevada Test Site and the Yucca Mountain Project (YMP) License Application, Site Scale model, and Performance Confirmation analysis.

Details of Work Performed:
GGI designed and conducted long-term pumping tests using multiple observation wells on both sides of the Gravity Fault and using wells completed into discrete water bearing zones (basin fill and bedrock aquifers) to characterize groundwater flow across Gravity Fault and potential contaminant pathways from the Nevada Test Site. GGI developed SOPs for conducting multi-well pumping tests using both manual and transducer measurements and redundant discharge measuring methods. GGI collected and analyzed water level data from government databases and the NWRPO Early Warning Drilling Program (EWDP), updated pumping records in the Death Valley Regional Flow System to work with the US Geological Survey (USGS) on calibration and verification of the USGS Southern Amargosa Embedded Model (SAMM).

GGI also wrote the Test Plan providing detailed groundwater sampling and analysis instructions specific to NWRPO for Groundwater Sampling and Analysis of Pahrump Valley Springs, Artesian and Other Selected Wells. The test plan identifies testing laboratories and provides detailed guidance for the maintenance and preparation of field measurement equipment and sample collection, preservation, storage and shipping.