EAWSD Well Field Management

GGI worked closely with the Eldorado Area Water and Sanitation District (EAWSD) to develop a well field management model to assist the District in decision making and planning for future water system improvements. GGI developed a numerical groundwater flow model to address the following:

1. The degree of interconnection between the various aquifers underlying the District and surrounding area;
2. The aquifer’s long-term (40-100 year) response to continued and expanded production from the District’s wells;
3. The decline in well yields that would result from dewatering of the aquifers;
4. The practical lifetime of each District well currently in production; and
5. A reasonable well replacement and well addition schedule to offset the anticipated decline in well production.

GGI developed a 10-layer superposition groundwater flow model representation of the District’s central well field located in Eldorado. The GGI model was developed as a well field management tool for the District using characterizing the geology and hydrology of the Eldorado area and the District’s wells.

GGI used the validated groundwater flow model to develop and evaluate three 100-year modeling scenarios developed by the District in cooperation with GGI.

The model results were used to make recommendations for a well replacement and repair schedule for the District, which is designed to maintain the required water supply plus provide an additional safety margin to accommodate emergency issues, such as well or pump failures, or extended drought conditions that would preclude the use of certain wells.

easwd well field management

Model grid

wells and model layers

Wells and model layers

Eldorado WSD drawdown

Analysis of long term drawdown in wells completed into different model layers, Eldorado WSD