Nutrient forecasting and compliance management software for dairies and other CAFO operations

CAFOweb™  stores and analyzes data and prints compliance reports for sustainable land application rates, water quality, lagoon water chemistry, metered discharge to lagoons, crop irrigation, inspections, water rights and more. CAFOweb™ is a web-based nutrient application forecasting system that provides real time management tools to the CAFO operator for sustainable land application of lagoon water, manure and fertilizers at agronomic rates.

Why use CAFOweb™?

  • CAFOweb™ is a unique concept developed by a team of agricultural, bioinformatics, hydrogeology, and water rights professionals with years of CAFO field experience and a thorough understanding of state and federal regulations. CAFOweb™ was successfully tested at CAFOs in NM and NV and over-application issues were significantly reduced during 2010-2011.
  • Use of CAFOweb™ allows a farmer to make informed decisions on sustainable application of manure solids, green water and chemical fertilizers to land application fields at agronomic rates.
  • Use of CAFOweb™ helps you manage permitted effluent discharge so nutrient application rates are appropriate for your crops, government permitted water rights are not over-appropriated and soils will not be overloaded with chemicals that runoff and contaminate surface water or leach down into ground water and contaminate drinking water supplies.


  • CAFOweb™’s key benefit and goal is to help CAFO operators manage manure, green water and irrigation water in a sustainable manner. CAFOweb™ helps you remain in compliance or come back into compliance with governmental, agricultural, environmental and water rights related operational permits.
  • Current Best Management Practices (BMPs) only measure past actual land application rates of nutrients or AFO/CAFO-generated manures, after the fact. Use of CAFOweb™ allows a running real time forecasting of capacities and limitations and coordinated incremental management of nutrient application prior to the stage of having over-applied manures and fresh water to land application fields.
  • Nutrient Management Plans (NMPs & CNMPs) can be best implemented using CAFOweb™ as an NMP implementation tool.
  • CAFOweb™ provides a compliance data tracking, monitoring record keeping system where multiple data sets such as ongoing sampling data, inspections data, cropping data and meter reading data can be stored, retrieved and analyzed from your computer anywhere in the world.
  • Use of CAFOweb™ retains the $$$ value of your facility by informing about potential environmental issues with groundwater, surface water and soils as soon as soon as they occur so that you can proactively work on fixing them before a small problem grows into a big issue.
  • Use of CAFOweb™ saves you money by preventing over-application application of manures and fertilizers and optimizing yields.

Join the sustainable side, Start using CAFOweb™ now. It pays to be sustainable.