New GGI Publication! NM Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Open-file Report 585

GGI is pleased to announce the publication of Open-file Report 585, GEOLOGIC INTERPRETATIONS FROM TEST AND PRODUCTION WELLS Taos deep well locationsDRILLED AT THE TOWN OF TAOS, NEW MEXICO, by Paul Drakos, Jim Riesterer, Jay Lazarus and Meghan Hodgins.

As part of a program to develop the Town of Taos San Juan/Chama Water while minimizing surface water effects, the Town of Taos completed test and production wells to depths up to 3200 feet below ground surface (bgs) at the Rio Pueblo de Taos site.  This site is located approximately 3 ½ miles northwest of Ranchos de Taos near the Rio Pueblo de Taos.  Open-file Report 585 presents geologic interpretations and hydrologic testing data from 2500-feet deep and 3200-feet deep wells (OSE Well ID RG-37303-S-3/RP2500 and RG-37303-S/RP3200, respectively).  The RP2500 and RP3200 drilling projects targeted ground water production zones in Santa Fe Group sediments (primarily the Ojo Caliente and Chama-El Rito Members) below the Servilleta basalts at depths greater than 1000 bgs.  RP3200 targeted sediments deeper than 2500 feet in an attempt to minimize pumping effects on the nearby 2500 feet deep production well (RP2500), located approximately 209 feet northwest of RP3200.  RP2500 was drilled in 2000 and RP3200 was drilled in 2007. Geologic interpretations presented in Open-file Report 585  are based on the RP3200 drilling program, and encompass data collected from the RP2500 drilling program (Drakos et al., 2007).  Hydrologic data are from a long-term (8 day) constant-discharge pumping test conducted on RP2500 (Drakos and Hodgins, 2001).

This publication can be downloaded from the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources website:


Taos deep well cross section



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